Kamps de Wild Holding

Kamps de Wild Holding serves agricultural businesses in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan with various brands. CLAAS is one of the leading producers of self-propelled harvesting machines and is sold both in the Netherlands and in Kazakhstan. The programme also includes tractors, system tractors, hay-making machines, self-loading trailers, presses, press and wrap combines and telescopic loaders. Amazone supplies products intended for purposes ranging from soil preparation to preparation for harvest (including soil-furrowing machines, broadcast spreaders, sprayers and seeders) for the Netherlands. KAWECO supplies a wide range of slurry injectors for grassland and arable land, transport tanks, silage transport technology (RADIUM) and dual-purpose trailers (THORIUM).

In Kazakhstan, the product range is supplemented by the agricultural machines of Horsch, Mac Don, Morris and Summers.

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