TurfTroniq produce automatic steering for Toro mowers

TurfTroniq produce automatic steering for Toro mowers

There are two types of systems available. The ‘Assisted Mowing System’ is an advanced mowing aid, it automatically lowers the mower units and follows the pre-programmed mowing lines. All the driver has to do is turn the machine in front of the cutting line and the system takes over. The ‘Robotic Mowing System’ is a fully automatic system where the machine mows fully independently. The result: increased productivity, minimal overlap and perfect mowing results.  

Safe and reliable  
The ‘Robotic Mowing System’ uses 3D camera technology to quickly detect obstacles in its path. Both systems are easy to use and the progress of the machines can be monitored live with any smartphone. Over the past year, the systems on various Toro mowers have been extensively tested and proved to be very reliable. The first systems are now working in the field.   

A collaboration between Royal Reesink and Vincent Achten  
The driving force behind TurfTroniq is Royal Reesink and Vincent Achten. Vincent Achten has more than 10 years of experience in robotising mowers. Reesink Turfcare, member of Royal Reesink, is a distributor of high quality brands for landscape maintenance. Roon Hylkema, director of Reesink Turfcare B.V.: ”The market is ready for this innovative technology and we are delighted to be able to distribute it in the UK and Ireland”.