IT systems Royal Reesink recovered

IT systems Royal Reesink recovered

Last week, Royal Reesink B.V. was hit by a ransomware attack. As a result, a large part of the systems was encrypted. Measures were taken right away to limit the consequences of the attack. All network connections were immediately shut down to prevent distribution. A team of internal and external IT and Cyber Security experts worked hard to restart the systems in a controlled and secure manner. This has largely succeeded and the connectivity with the important interfaces has been restored.

There is currently no evidence of any threat to confidentiality of data. We would like to emphasize that Royal Reesink takes the privacy and security of (personal) data very seriously and will continue to take measures to protect personal data.

Past years, Royal Reesink had increased investments in Information Technology and Cyber Security. A security awareness campaign was launched among co-workers. In addition, cyber security measures based on tooling, procedures and external expertise were adapted. This attack happened to us, because techniques used to sabotage systems change frequently. Therefore, we now intensified our security measurements even more to prevent this from happening again.