John Christensen 50 years of faithful service at Reesink Turfcare Denmark

John Christensen 50 years of faithful service at Reesink Turfcare Denmark

Today, the 12th of May 2021, John Christensen, driver, workshop assistant and all-rounder will mark 50 years of faithful service at Reesink Turfcare Denmark.

At age 22, John started working in AG farms at the former owner of Reesink Turfcare Denmark, SC Svend Carlsen A/S May 12th 1971. Already then, the company was working closely with Toro, a collaboration that had begun in 1966. Since then, he has been involved in the company's development, including the change from family ownership to the acquisition from Lely Holding in 2010, and later the acquisition from Royal Reesink, and the final name change to Reesink Turfcare DK A/S.

Great achievement
“Of course, we don't let something as rare as a 50th anniversary pass us by”, says Roon Hylkema, Divisional Director of Reesink Turfcare, “On behalf of all Royal Reesink colleagues, we would like to congratulate John on this great achievement. We also want to thank him for so many years of loyal service”.

Honorary medal
This milestone is further underlined by Her Majesty The Queens honorary medal for distinguished and loyal service to the company. Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO Royal Reesink: “This is very special, and also very well deserved. We are very proud to have such loyal employees as John. On behalf of Royal Reesink we would like to personally hand over a special gift to John. As soon as the measures surrounding Covid-19 allow us to do so again, we would like come over to Denmark for that”.

Great ambassador
Carsten Brand, Managing Director Reesink Turfcare Denmark: “I am super proud to be able to hand over our Majesty The Queens medal of honor for his long lasting loyal service to our company. John is such a great ambassador for our company. He has a great personality and has handshake that is so firm that your shoes almost come off.  Our customers love him and so do we all. John is just so positive and happy, whistling when he arrives in the morning singing in the locker room. He has a huge family and an even bigger network of friends of many young than himself. He tragically lost his wife in 2007 but his grandchildren and children are close by so he survived his huge lost with their help, so he always emphasizes. John can tell tales about his time in our company in a way that we all lay flat out laughing about. At age 72 he has a health of steel. And all the attention he gets today on his 50th anniversary is a bit outside his comfort zone, because he is very modest”.