Meij de Bie wins tender lawn & garden machinery for City of Amsterdam

Meij de Bie wins tender lawn & garden machinery for City of Amsterdam

Royal Reesink subsidiary B. van der Meij de Bie B.V. (Meij de Bie) has been contracted for the supply and maintenance of the entire Amsterdam fleet of machinery for the maintenance of public green. The contract is for a period of four to six years.

In order to optimally manage the extensive machine fleet of the City of Amsterdam, Meij de Bie uses myTurf® Pro, a unique asset management system of The Toro Company. Roon Hylkema, divisional director of Reesink Turfcare: "Meij de Bie, just like the other Royal Reesink companies, uses this tool to continuously monitor the machine fleet. Reports, maintenance and inspection history are up to date and digitally available. Maintenance activities are tracked, inspections planned, parts ordered and work orders registered. This limits machine downtime and allows managers and mechanics to work more efficiently."

Contribution to CO2 reduction
The City of Amsterdam wants to reduce CO2 emissions with 40% by 2025. That is why the action plan 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Purchasing’ was drawn up. Lex van der Meij de Bie, director of Meij de Bie: "We contribute to the desired CO2 reduction for Amsterdam in various ways. We supply sustainable machines with a low footprint. We guarantee 100% emission-free driving within the ring road and our aim is to achieve this outside the ring road as well. Finally, our service technicians and representatives use electric transport as much as possible, drive short routes and follow efficient planning."

Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO Royal Reesink: "We are are continuously exploring how we can collaborate with customers and suppliers to find innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, because we strongly believe in it. Governments have to meet strict requirements in order to achieve the climate objectives, we like to think and work along with them to do so." 

About Meij de Bie / Royal Reesink
Meij de Bie is a service dealer of Jean Heybroek and supplier of professional maintenance equipment for golf courses, sports fields and public green spaces, among others. The machines of leading brands such as Toro, Club Car, Amazone and Imants are supplied to landscaping companies, golf courses, municipalities and companies in the recreation sector, among others. Just like Jean Heybroek, Meij de Bie is part of Royal Reesink BV.