Royal Reesink proud partner of Solar Team Twente

Royal Reesink proud partner of Solar Team Twente
‘We support research and supply solutions'

Today, Royal Reesink and Solar Team Twente officially signed their partnership. Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO Royal Reesink: "We see many similarities between Solar Team Twente and Royal Reesink, so we did not have to think long and hard about a partnership. We like to associate ourselves with top engineering, innovation and sustainability, but also with enthusiastic and young talent. It fits in well with our employer branding and constant need for good technical colleagues."

Sustainable transport and new technologies
Solar Team Twente, born from a collaboration between students from the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC Twente, will compete in the Solar Challenge Morocco and the iLumen European Solar Challenge in 2021. The team participates with its self-developed solar-powered car. Just like Solar Team Twente, Royal Reesink believes that the world needs more sustainable transport and new technologies. Solar Team Twente is developing the most efficient solar car because they believe that a change is needed and that they can stimulate this change. Mark van Eijk, Marketing & Communications Manager Solar Team Twente: "With our innovative solar car, we are pushing the boundaries of new technology in order to contribute to accelerating the energy transition. Together with our partners, we want to inspire others to do the same, to bring about change together!"

Sustainability targets and smart solutions
Royal Reesink is continuously working on how they can work towards innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. In addition to investing in making our premises and vehicle fleet more sustainable, Royal Reesink also invests in sustainable solutions for its customers. This is often done through cooperation or from within our own organization using very high-quality technical staff. As an organization, Royal Reesink is continuously looking for staff to support the sustainability ambitions of its customers. Our 'First Class' internship gives students the opportunity to be part of this.

Mark van Eijk: "We achieve our ideals mainly by working together and sharing knowledge. In Royal Reesink we have found a partner whose mission and character are very much in line with ours. I think it's great to see that with their products and solutions they are also going the extra mile to stimulate the energy transition. Because of the enthusiasm of the company's employees, I am sure that this is going to be a very nice collaboration!"