New future for Reesink Staal

New future for Reesink Staal

Royal Reesink B.V. (“Royal Reesink”) has reached agreement with Veerhaven Capital Partners (“Veerhaven”), located in Rotterdam, on the acquisition of all the shares in the capital of Reesink Staal B.V. (“Reesink Staal”) and the company premises connected with the activities.

Veerhaven has established Copiam Steel Holdings B.V. for the acquisition. The two members of the Reesink Staal Board of Directors, Mr Hilbrands and Mr Buiting, will gain a limited stake in this company. Veerhaven and Reesink Staal are well acquainted as a result of their longstanding collaboration within the context of the Slimline floor system. This was also the reason why Royal Reesink decided to offer this strategic partner the opportunity to acquire Reesink Staal.

Strategic considerations
The activities of Reesink Staal no longer fit in fully with those of the other Reesink companies from a strategic standpoint. Because the Management Board of Royal Reesink feels responsible for the future of Reesink Staal, it consequently sought to find a good solution for Reesink Staal that would safeguard continuity and facilitate future growth. This is also why Royal Reesink will remain involved with the company both as financier and supervisor. The name Reesink Staal will remain. This joining of forces means that both Reesink Staal and Slimline will benefit from this acquisition.

Apeldoorn, 29 May 2018                                    Management Board Royal Reesink B.V.

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