Stories of our people

Happy and healthy employees form the basis for a successful business. That is why we want to offer a working environment
where all employees feel at home and no one is excluded. At Royal Reesink, we aim for a diverse workforce. We are convinced that different backgrounds, insights and opinions lead to more success. Employees must feel free and safe to be themselves, to say what they think and to develop with plenty of personal responsibility.

At our organisation, it is quite normal for employees to commit to us for their entire life. The same way customers are committed to us throughout a machine’s life cycle. It says a lot about our employees but also about our organisation. On our careers website you will find various videos and quotes from our colleagues from various companies. A sneak preview is shown here:

"For me, working for Reesink Agri
means I can take my own responsibilities
and create something wonderful with my
team. I’ve been doing it with pride and
passion since 2007.”

Janneke Roelofs
Office sales department
Reesink Agri

      Janneke Roelofs 2


"What I like is the atmosphere,
everyone is friendly and accommodating,
open and welcoming."

Nicola Porter
HR Manager
Reesink Turfcare UK

“We don't stop people working, but
evolve to make sure that people are working safely.”

Steven Rose
H&S Manager
Reesink Turfcare UK

Jim Lueks 2 
“We only use A-brands. And by maintaining these high-quality machines well, they will last longer, ultimately. This way, we keep the total costs for a machine’s entire life cycle as low as possible and the risk of downtime is minimal.”

Jim Lueks
Service engineer
Ditch Witch Benelux