Sustainability, our challenge

The world is facing an enormous challenge: in 2050, more than nine billion people will need food. The middle classes are also set to grow from 2 to 5 billion
people in the next 15 to 20 years. Global demand 
for food is expected to increase by 35%, demand for 
water by 40% and for energy by 50%.

This poses major economic, ecological and social 
challenges for the world. Royal Reesink wants to contribule to changing the world and these challenges can be directly incorporated into our activities.

Natural habitat
Sustainability is no longer a matter of just caring for the environment. It is about preserving our entire natural habitat. The demand for cleaner, smarter and more efficient machinery and processes is unlikely to abate.

Smart solutions
Smart applications for instance make it possible to reduce material waste, fuel consumption and emissions as well as the number of transport movements. By offering innovative and sustainable solutions, Royal Reesink can make a positive 
contribution to the challenges we are all facing. We are constantly seeking innovations that will benefit man and the environment. We focus on robotisation, continued technical development, machine connectivity and (big) data.