What we do


We go beyond selling, leasing or renting machines and systems. Our core business is providing customized service, support and training for optimal and most efficient use throughout the life of a machine.

Through our distribution networks, we provide local maintenance, fast repairs and parts supply to maximize equipment life. This allows us to minimize the total cost to our customers. 

Each machine has a unique serial number and this enables us to track machines and plan and organize everything around the machine's life cycle for customers. Need a new machine? Then we or an affiliated dealer are happy to trade in and make sure that the machine gets a second or third life with other users.

Because we work locally, we are close to our customers. Everything is aimed at serving the customer as much as possible, such as support in matters such as maintenance planning and maintenance, stock management and warehouse management. In this way we can optimally relieve our customers: "Enabling your business".


We are a Dutch company that has a solid base in the Netherlands and a strong international presence in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Canada and South Africa.


Our customers can be found in all segments of the market including logistics centres, agricultural companies, forestry and landscaping companies, golf courses, industrial and construction companies, contractor workers, Water Authorities and (Local) Authorities.

Royal Reesink's companies are active in four market segments:
Ag & Turf, Construction & IndustriesMaterial Handling and Logistic Solutions