Reesink Material Handling Equipment

Reesink Material Handling Equipment is a total provider of internal transport solutions and automated warehousing. With specialised businesses in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Kazakhstan, this division supplies state-of-the-art warehouse products and inventory systems. From forklift trucks and warehouse cranes to automated inventory systems and services. We keep your warehouse moving.

With Reesink Material Handling Equipment, we offer a complete package for total warehouse solutions. Both web shops and warehouses with automated inventory systems and traditionally equipped warehouses and internal transport businesses can rely on us for optimal design and efficient operation of their warehouses; we provide comprehensive solutions, machines, equipment and the associated services.

In the Netherlands, Motrac Intern Transport and in Germany, Pelzer Fördertechnik distribute the A-brand Linde Material Handling. Motrac Handling & Cleaning in Belgium is a distributor of both Linde Material Handling and Tennant cleaning machines. Under the banner of Reesink Logistic Solutions, Reesink Material Handling Equipment commenced related activities in the field of racking systems and integrated system solutions for (automated) warehouses. 

Motrac Intern Transport B.V.

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The Netherlands
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Reesink Logistic Solutions BV

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Reesink Schwerstapler GmbH

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CT Lift Equipment LLP

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