Our people

Happy and healthy employees form the basis for a successful business. That is why we want to offer a working environment
where all employees feel at home and no one is excluded. At Royal Reesink, we aim for a diverse workforce. We are convinced that different backgrounds, insights and opinions lead to more success. Employees must feel free and safe to be themselves, to say what they think and to develop with plenty of personal responsibility.


Naturally the safety of our people is paramount. We work on sustainable employability and we invest in the health and development of our employees. We employ people from various educational levels, areas of expertise and backgrounds. We have training budgets for professional and personal development. We actively pay attention to sharing and conveying knowledge.

At our organisation, it is quite normal for employees to commit to us for their entire life. The same way customers are committed to us throughout a machine’s life cycle. It says a lot about our employees but also about our organisation.