Code of Conduct

All Royal Reesink employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with our company values and business principles and to observe company policy, the law and other regulations. Non-compliance of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary measures. This Code of Conduct may be amended from time to time and added to by the Royal Reesink Management Board. 
When Royal Reesink is mentioned in this Code of Conduct, all trading partnerships of the Royal Reesink Group are referred to.

January 2015

Royal Reesink has the long-term goal of creating value for customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society. Our aim is to use our knowledge of products and markets to become an indispensable player in the distribution chain, turning market feedback into innovation and sustainable solutions for our customers while remaining a good partner to our suppliers. 

We aim to be an attractive employer. Staff have to be able to develop their talents and perform their duties in a safe working environment. 

Our organisation stands for transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for the law and international norms. In addition, we hold the following core values:

  • Solutions orientated
  • Knowledge of products, systems and markets
  • Capacity for innovation

These core values form the basis of how we do business. Our efforts to make the work we do as sustainable as possible and where possible to exercise our influence in order to make the whole chain more sustainable and safe are interwoven with these core values.

Code of Conduct

Fair competition
Royal Reesink champions free, fair and ethical business. Royal Reesink will compete fairly and in compliance with competition legislation.

Compliance with legislation
It is Royal Reesink policy to comply with all legislation and regulations governing its operations.

Combatting corruption
Royal Reesink will not tolerate corruption, bribery, insider dealing in price-sensitive information, market abuse, fraud or money laundering. Bribery comes under corruption: bribes must not be paid or received.

Conflict of interest
Any actual or potential conflict of interest (or appearance of it) must be avoided.

Financial reports
Royal Reesink’s financial administration is conducted in compliance with the law, the principles of accounting and Royal Reesink’s policy and procedures governing the issue. Royal Reesink eschews any kind of conduct or arrangement which results in improper or inaccurate bookkeeping.

Contact with suppliers
Royal Reesink aims to do business with partners who endorse our business principles.

Royal Reesink does business in accordance with the rules of good corporate governance. We supply all our shareholders with advance, current and regular information on our operations, structure, financial situation and results.

Healthy and safe working environment
Royal Reesink does everything to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Health and safety programmes are in force at all locations. All employees are individually responsible for compliance with health and safety regulations. Royal Reesink will do everything possible to prevent accidents at work involving either employees or temporary staff.

Child and forced labour
Royal Reesink abides by the regulations governing the legal minimum age of workers in all countries where it operates. Royal Reesink will only employ people who have chosen to work for the company of their own free will.

Equal treatment and respect
Absolutely no kind of discrimination will be allowed within Royal Reesink. Our staff is recruited, selected and promoted on the grounds of objective and non-discriminatory criteria. Absolutely no kind of intimidation or discrimination, including on the basis of race, religion, age, sex or skin colour is allowed at Royal Reesink.

Royal Reesink attaches great importance to being an honest and reliable employer and makes every effort to be a good employer.

Human rights
All Royal Reesink’s operations are carried out in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Right to organisation and participation
Royal Reesink recognises the right of employees to join organisations of their choice, including trades unions. Employee participation rights will be honoured.

Social media
The use of social media can have a negative impact on Royal Reesink’s reputation. That is why employees are expected not to harm the reputation of Royal Reesink and not to make statements which could be damaging to Royal Reesink.

Corporate social responsibility
Royal Reesink endorses the importance of doing business in a socially responsible way. The company does everything it can to operate in an environmentally friendly way and endeavours to contribute to sustainable development for the benefit of both present and future generations. This means trying to find a balance between the results we have to achieve as a business and our efforts to serve society and the environment.