Organisational changes within Royal Reesink

Organisational changes within Royal Reesink

Gerwin Linnenbank, Director M&A
Gerwin Linnenbank, who has been with Royal Reesink for nearly 16 years and has served as CFO for more than ten years, has been appointed to the position of Director M&A. Gerwin Linnenbank has stood at the basis of the transformation of Royal Reesink over the past decade. By organising and structuring acquisitions, financing and refinancing and the delisting, Gerwin Linnenbank has made a substantial contribution to the significant growth of Royal Reesink. The company will achieve further growth in the years ahead primarily through international acquisitions. In order to facilitate this, Royal Reesink has decided to appoint a Director M&A. Gerwin Linnenbank is looking forward to fulfilling this new role and in doing so contributing to the development of Royal Reesink.

Hans Kerkhoven, CFO
It is our pleasure to announce that Hans Kerkhoven has been appointed to the role of CFO effective 22 October 2018. Hans Kerkhoven has gained extensive experience as a CFO at large companies undergoing strong development or growth. We consequently wish to utilise his many years of experience and knowledge for the further development of Royal Reesink.

A number of financial projects are now in the finalisation phase. In order to safeguard continuity, Gerwin Linnenbank will remain actively involved with these projects.

These organisational changes provide Royal Reesink with an excellent foundation for further crystallising the strategy.

Apeldoorn, 1 November 2018                    Gerrit van der Scheer

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