Growth of Royal Reesink requires strong direction

Growth of Royal Reesink requires strong direction

Royal Reesink has grown rapidly. This requires strong focus and close cooperation. With a number of changes in the management, the organisation puts a strong course in order to be prepared for the future.   

Roy van den Bosch, Chief Operations Officer 

Roy van den Bosch will take over the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) as of 1 March 2019. Together with the divisional and other directors, he will be responsible for the further organic growth of Royal Reesink and the realisation of the targets set. In this role he will report directly to Gerrit van der Scheer (CEO).   

Division Kamps de Wild Holding to get a 2-person management 

The Kamps de Wild Holding division has expanded in the past year, especially internationally, and the aim is that this should be continued both nationally and internationally. Therefore Royal Reesink decided to split the management of the Dutch and the international operations within the division with immediate effect. Dick Melessen will take responsibility for operations in the Netherlands, while Erwin Ros will be responsible for the international operations.   

There is a further change in this division to report, besides the split in management. Reesink Production will fall under the Dutch operations of Kamps de Wild Holding with effect from 1 July 2019. The current majority of the operations of this company concerns the production of agricultural machinery. Bringing Reesink Production under Kamps de Wild Holding is thus a logical step. 
Change of management at Division Reesink Industries  

In recent years, Gerrit van der Scheer (CEO Royal Reesink) has been responsible for managing the Reesink Industries division. The Reesink Industries division also has the ambition of growing in various ways. Therefore, Maarten Vinkesteijn, director Motrac Industries will take over the role of Division Director Reesink Industries from 1 March 2019.   ______________________________________________________________________