Motrac Industries is returning to Zutphen

Motrac Industries is returning to Zutphen

Motrac Industries is returning to Zutphen after 25 years. The company is having new premises built on the Revelhorst industrial estate. Motrac Industries forms part of Royal Reesink and has gained more than 65 years of experience in hydraulic and electrical drive technology. Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO at Royal Reesink: “Royal Reesink started out in Zutphen over 230 years ago and we are very happy we have now managed to re-establish the link with this municipality.”

Motrac Industries has expanded its portfolio of hydraulic drives with electrical drives and components during recent years. Maarten Vinkesteijn, Motrac Industries’ Managing Director, had been looking for a new, suitable location for Motrac for quite some time: “We have outgrown our current premises and we are still continuing to grow. We have found a strategic place in the region at the project developer Roosdom Tijhuis’ Revelhorst site.” The municipality of Zutphen is very pleased with Motrac Industries’ arrival. Mayor Vermeulen: “We enjoy doing everything we can for companies like Motrac Industries, which boast both courage and innovative power.”

Smarter and cleaner
“The demand for cleaner, smarter and more efficient machines and processes is always increasing”, Maarten Vinkesteijn explains. “This is evident in all of the Royal Reesink companies’ activities. We can use smart applications to reduce energy wastage, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and limit the number of transport movements. We have developed various electrically driven applications, together with three subsidiaries. Our customers can realise fuel and maintenance savings as a result of these applications. The electrically driven feed mixer, which we developed together with Reesink Agri, saves a great deal of diesel and an extra tractor at the farm too. This feed mixer also contributes to a more circular agriculture with minimal emissions”, Maarten Vinkesteijn proudly tells us.

Experts on the move!
Motrac Industries’ new premises are equipped for growth and development, offering plenty of space for new innovative ideas. Maarten Vinkesteijn: “We are literally and figuratively ‘Experts on the move’! Personally, I am very much looking forward to offering our current and future experts a great place to work. After all, as an innovative company, we are always on the lookout for new technical talents.” The construction activities are expected to start in March 2020.

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