Royal Reesink introduces new electrical tool carrier

Royal Reesink introduces new electrical tool carrier

There’s a growing demand for a emission free tool carrier. Royal Reesink companies Jean Heybroek and Motrac Industries, therefore combined their strengths and expertise. The result is a fully electric tool carrier, the ‘RECO eTrac’, which is introduced on September 17, 2020.


Gerrit van der Scheer, CEO van Royal Reesink: ”For some time now the market has been requesting a emission free multipurpose machine. Because its more and more demanded by governments, it is more comfortable and also because we all want to contribute to a sustainable society. We are pleased to anticipate to this demand with the RECO eTrac!”

Back in 2018 a team of skilled engineers has constructed one of the first test models. Afterwards we further perfected the machine. The prototype will be released this autumn, after the first units will be taken into production by January 2021.

Fully electric
The RECO eTrac is a fully electric tool carrier and is therefore emission free. Due to the unique and innovative design, the machine is very powerful and agile. The ergonomic cabin provides lots of comfort with a clear view all-round, is equipped with climate control and other options for comfortable use.

First units sold
Parties interested in the RECO eTrac can contact Jean Heybroek in the Netherlands or Reesink Turfcare in Belgium. Both companies are responsible for the distribution, service and maintenance of the machine. They work closely together with selected local and regional (dealer) companies. Eric van Susante, director of Jean Heybroek: "The first machines have already been sold to a number of partners who have shown interest in the first stage of the project in 2018. In the second half of 2021, production will be expanded for other interested parties."

Contract with LM-Trac stopped
Eric van Susante: “With all its features and benefits, RECO eTrac is a more than outstanding alternative for the LM-Trac brand. The exclusive partnership with LM-trac will end on October 1th of 2020. However, Jean Heybroek and Reesink Turfcare will continue to offer the well-known service, maintenance and spare parts for customers who use an LM-Trac.”