Successful partnership between Aradex and Motrac Industries

Successful partnership between Aradex and Motrac Industries

ARADEX is launching the ARADEX Partner Network, a platform that focuses on employing its combined experience in finding the best solution for customers. "We are extremely pleased, after several years of successful collaboration, to welcome Motrac Industries as the first permanent member of the ARADEX Partner Network," said Olaf Hermann, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of ARADEX. While welcoming Jan Willem van den Berg, Sales Manager Benelux, of Motrac Industries into the Partner Network with a virtual handshake.

"Due to the steadily increasing focus on the environment and the ever more stringent laws and regulations in this area, there has been a growing demand for electrical solutions in recent years," explains Van den Berg. "In 2018, this was the perfect opportunity to grow and expand our range with a complete package of electric drive technology. Entering into partnerships has always been one of our objectives in the almost seventy years of our existence. Because we know that you can't grow on your own, you need reliable partners to do so."

Mutual trust and sharing know-how
Hermann continues: "A particularly important component for a stable and successful partnership is mutual trust and sharing know-how to find the optimal drive solutions for customers that offer the best return on their investment. It's important to us that we actually work together with the members of our partner network and learn from each other!”

A regular exchange in the form of training on the latest product information and joint project planning for new solutions in vehicle electrification is a permanent feature of the partner network. Hermann puts it very clearly: “Our goal is that our partners have the same know-how as our own engineers when engineering customer projects. And, of course, we are pleased that we in turn can learn just as much from our partners' decades of experience.”

Electrically powered compound feeder, the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL MoRe-E
The desire to further intensify the joint collaboration was already clear at the end of 2018 after the first successful project planning: the electrically powered mobile feed mixer, the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL. The direct customer benefits of the electric drive are: fuel savings, only one vehicle is needed for loading and unloading, a reduction in the CO2 footprint, the possibility of storing and using 'green energy' and what’s more, the drive unit is low maintenance.

By combining the best of both worlds, Motrac with almost 70 years experience in implementing hydraulic solutions and ARADEX with more than 30 years experience in electric drives, we are in a prime position to meet our customers' requirements for modern drive systems and machine functions.