Rapidly growing Motrac Industries has outgrown its premises

Rapidly growing Motrac Industries has outgrown its premises

Motrac Industries moved into a brand new, super sustainable and spacious building in Zutphen in 2021. However, the company is doing so well that it already became apparent half-way through the year that the building is going to be too small for all future activities and plans have therefore been put in place to build an extra hall.

Maarten Vinkesteijn, Managing Director of Motrac Industries: “I had already taken an option out on the land behind our building when we first bought the land. For the future. But I really hadn’t expected this future to be something we’d need to discuss as early as this!”.

Impressive portfolio
Motrac Industries, part of parent company Royal Reesink, will soon be celebrating its 70th anniversary. The company’s focus was mainly on hydraulics a number of years ago, but an impressive portfolio of electric drives and components has now also been built up. This has resulted in a significant growth of the company. Boris Schoepplein, Royal Reesink’s CEO: “It's fantastic to see that this growth has resulted in the brand new building already being too small. That’s something we as Royal Reesink can only be proud of!” 

Innovative and emission-free
The demand for innovative electrical solutions is continuing to increase. “We delved into this a few years ago, when this was all still very much in its infancy. We are still learning and developing every day”, Maarten Vinkesteijn explains. “Not just our company, but the whole of Royal Reesink. Environmentally friendly and innovative applications are high up on our Royal Agenda. We have already developed several electrically powered applications together with our sister companies. One fantastic example of this is the RECO eTrac, our own electric tool carrier, which we have developed together with Jean Heybroek. This machine is emission-free, powerful, manoeuvrable and ergonomic. We think it’s important for someone who works with the RECO eTrac to also be able to optimally carry out the work from an ergonomic perspective. All our applications and products are of a very high quality. This combination is something which appeals to our customers”, according to Maarten Vinkesteijn. 

Experts on the move!
Maarten Vinkesteijn: “We have referred to ourselves as 'Experts on the move!' since moving to our new premises, as we, literally and figuratively, are and continue to be on the move. This should include a building which will 'move along' with us and offer a good working space for our current and future experts. Our experts currently need both new colleagues and space to do their job well as a growing company. We are all very much looking forward to new technical talents. Are you, or do you know, someone who would like to join us? Then please do get in touch!” emphasises Maarten.

Construction is expected to start in March 2022.