Footprint 2021

Footprint 2021

The world is constantly evolving and changing. This change is both positive and negative. With each change, more and more becomes clear. About how something happens, but especially what the result is. In recent years, more and more has become known about CO2 emissions and their effect on earth. Within Royal Reesink B.V., the subsidiaries and the customers, the need for insight into CO2 emissions and how this can be reduced grew.

Royal Reesink B.V. started in 2015 with a baseline measurement for 2014 that determined the CO2 footprint of the entire company. A CO2 footprint is a tool that provides insight into the CO2 emissions of the entire company and serves as a basis from which the action plan is set up to reduce CO2 emissions. In order to get an even better picture of the total CO2 footprint, the scope was expanded in the inventory for 2016 and most parts of the CO2 performance ladder Scope 3 were included. In addition, the CO2 Footprint report has been expanded with components that are required by the ISO 50001.

This report explains the structure of the organization, both organizationally and with regard to CO2 and energy management. The results of CO2 emissions over 2021 and the methods used are then explained. After that, the energy planning and reduction plans will be described, followed by implementation and execution.

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